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I always get a weird feeling in my stomach when people call themselves things that they are not. The peoples republic of China with their people's volunteer army is no exception to do. Why is there banana in my cereal? I don't like bananas. As the temperature in this room climbs, my mental capability soars down. We all know the Chinese from the babymilk that they buy from our stores and the snackbars that they own. It's coming straight for you, with no further ado:

Roundabout at Guangzhou, China

The roundabout around the Guangzhou Jiefang Memorial in Guangzhou, People's republic of China. Picture taken on 11 April 2015 by Aurelien.

Trying to find out what this memorial is about is proving to be a small pain in the butt (just like Lenin's statue in st Petersburg where they actually blew his ass up :)). As far as I'm concerned, this statue was created in the honour of the Jiefang motor vehicle company. They used to make army trucks and other sorts of trucks and trucks, trucks, trucks.

With my non expert expertise we can conclude that this person appears to be a Chinese soldier. He's wearing a cap and it looks like he has a rifle in his hand.

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