Czech Republic - Roundabouts

This time no fancy intros or more of that jibba-jabba; just cold-hard-to-the-matter roundabouts. Due to all this crap with getting a new job, living together with my girlfriend (and she lives very, very far away from my work, so I was spending an incredible amount of time on the highway), and -quite blissful- gaining a baby daughter, there was simply no time or space for that matter to sit behind my computer and work on this website. After a year of neglect it was nice to see that at least one person took the effort to send me a roundabout. Unfortunately I didn't have any opportunity to respond to him, so he might be a bit pissed. And it's good to see that the number of visits still hasn't really decreased. For who's interested; around 20 visits per day!

Anyway, we will start this new season with the Czech republic, which was visited two weeks ago during a "big" trip to Poland. As usual we don't like to travel that far, so we went for a one-day excursion to the mountains in the North of the Czech republic, still close to Wroclaw.

Scenery at Teplice nad metuji, Czech Republic.
This is the sccenery at Teplice nad Metuji in the Czech Republic, 17 June 2015.

The main objective of the trip was to visit the rock walls at Terplice. A lot of water and time has eroded the lands and created walls of shear rock which today form a nice nature park where you can enjoy hiking, looking at rocks, eating fries with pelmeni, and rock climbing. Occasionally you can also experience the evacuation of somebody (maybe it was a climber) by helicopter. When we were there some pore guy/lady got hurt and had to be evacuated by the mountain rescue. When we were leaving the area of interest we saw these army guys rushing in the opposite direction and when we climbed the mountain to go to the panorama view area thing (where I took the picture above) we first heard and later saw a helicopter flying over with a stretcher underneath it. I can really recommend going there, but only if you enjoy a long and eventful walk.

The roundabout is located near the Edeka where we messed up the PIN-machine with our foreign currency. It's too bad I forgot the city where this was, but with a name like Police it is not hard to remember. There wasn't really that much going on there and the most interesting part might as well be the public restroom, which was awesome! What was really cool as well was to drive there. The roads are very bendy and hilly and the quality isn't even as bad as you might think. Regarding the road quality we are too spoiled here in the West. On the highway back through Germany there were places where the maximum speed was limited to 60 km/hr because the road was supposedly bad. In Poland we still drove 100 km/hr on roads that were thrice as bad.

Roundabout at Police, Czech Republic

The roundabout at the Edeka in Police, Czech Republic. Picture taken on 17 June 2015.

Fun fact: The Czech Republic is one of my favorite countries. The whole vibe is exactly as I like it. On the radio they were playing Falco and all these old 70's or 80's songs and when they switched to the soccer match that was going on, the reporter had this funny old fashioned voice and it really sounded like he was far away. I can really appreciate things like that. A lot of people like the Czechs because of the way the speak: they have melody and often use the diminutive form.

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