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After spending several hours trying to find a nice introduction I found myself with none. No fun fun facts, no fun stereotypes and no fun normal facts. The urban dictionairy came up with nothing noteworthy and the rest of the internet drew a blank too. So there is only one thing left and that is a joke: Five Englishmen in an Audi Quattro arrive at the Italian border. The Italian Customs agent stops them and tells them: "Itsa illegal to putta fiva people ina Quattro." "What do you mean it's illegal?" asked the Englishman. "Quattro means four" replies the Italian official. "Quattro is just the name of the automobile," the Englishman retorts disbelievingly. "Look at the papers: this car is designed to carry 5 persons." "You can'ta pulla thata one ona me," replies the Italian customs agent. "Quattro means four. You hava fiva people ina your car and you are therefore breakin'a the law". The Englishman replies angrily, "You idiot! Call your supervisor, I want to speak to someone with more intelligence!" "Sorry," responds the Italian official, "he can'ta come. He'sa busy witha the two guys ina the Uno."


To the West of Italy, below Napoli, lies the island of Capri. Het is niet alleen een geliefde plek voor wandelaars, maar ook voor keizers. De highlight van dit eiland is zeker wel de Blue Grotto; een via de zee bereikbare bovenwatergrot.

The scenery around the island of Capri. Picture taken by Jan Willem, 26 April 2014.

Roundabout in Capri on the intersection of the Via Marina Grande, Via Roma, Via Marina Piccola and the Via Provinciale Anacapri. Picture taken by Jan Willem, 26 April 2014.

There are two cities on the island. One of them is Anacapri, the name of one of the roads, and the other is Capri. This tiny and heavily signed, and probably often driven into, roundabout is located in Marina Grande, a thrid city.


During high school, we embarked on a journey (by bus) to the capital of the ancient Roman world. It took us more than a day to get there, but long journeys are always rewarded. After the trip, my class mates were joking that I was sitting up straight all the time and even during the night. I do not think that I slept. I cannot recall that much of our stay in Rome, since all this took place more than 10 years ago. Some things are not worth mentioning, or are to valuable to mention, for that matter. And some things can be mentioned, though be it in a short and rather dull way. I can recall taking a bustrip outside of the city walls to the burried city of Pompei and the overlooking culprit mt. Vesuvius. I remember these facts: there was prostitution (:)) and some kids in the group had some "deja-vu" feeling (which I think is strange, for even if reincarnation exists, the chances of two people from Pompei ending up in my high school class are rather slim, imho). After Pompei, we took the bus on an exciting trip up the winding road towards the top of the Vesuvius volcano. After this we had diner in a restaurant nearby (only one person chose for the farmer's plate (a lot of beans)) after which we went back to our hotel in Rome. There was a car accident and we passed the aftermath; a lot of flashing lights and an ambulance with people working in it.

Furthermore, I recall going to the Saint Peter and seeing the famous painting with the two fingers touching each other and the pieta. The picture below is a picture of the picture I took back then from the top of the st Peter.

The view from the St Peter in Rome. Picture taken somewhen in 2003.

I recall one of our chaperones (one with a moustache) finding a 1 dollar bill in a church, and subsequently giving it away as the main prize during a quiz in the bus on the way home. The outcome of this little intellectual contest is too painfull for me to recollect, but it suffices to say I didn't win it. We went to the forum romanum, the museum of bones, some tunnels outside the city walls, the "sugar cake" palace of Victor Emanuel II, the colloseum and more of those standard touristic things. As nothing comes to mind any more, I would like to finish with a picture of the fountain where we often held our lunch break (with buns as hard as steel). I hope you can guess in what kind of traffical feature this fountain is located :)

A Roundabout where we spend some of our lunches trying to chew done Italian bread. Picture taken somewhen in 2003.

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