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Police brutality!

They say that all major events take place in threes. There's never one plane that crashes, but always three. It also applies to our daily lives: three minutes without air, three days without water, three weeks without food, [1]. For me it meant having to deal with the other side of the law for three times (at the moment of writing, this has increased to four times). By the bye, the subtitle of this paragraph is just to make this section look sexy; it does not coincide with reality. We write the year 2014 in a small, little country I like to call Poland. I paint a nice picture of the wintery dark city of Wrocław. A very sympathetic, curly blond haired police lady is waving at me with something in her hand. Whatever she wanted from us, we will never know, since I took a turn to the left, being the direction I thought she was waving to. Nothing awaited us and we just kept on going wandering what it was that this nice lady wanted from us.
The two/thirds took place on our way back home after a well deserved and well spend vacation. As we were blazing towards the German border with at least Mach 0.1 in what was appareantly a 70 km/hr zone (a later trip confirmed that this was indeed the case), my white-ass family car was an easy prey for the border police. The red side of a traffic wand (needed to look that one up :) ) was shown to us and in a split second I had to make the decision: run or fight. I could spur my faithful diesel car on and slowly accelerate so as to make my escape. This was however nonsense, since they could follow me into Germany and/or worse, write down my license plate to nail me the next time I drive through Poland. So I pulled over, moreover because I'm a sissy, a wuss [2], and a law abiding citizen. In german I was told that the border could not handle my speed; I was too fast. Busted! What should I do now? I'm too pretty for prison! After checking our ID's and making some problems about it, we were again send on our way. What is the reason for pulling us over? I really dont know :). First I was thinking that it was just some kind of playing with the foreigner (the good old discrimination card), but they could have send a lot more crap my way because I was really speeding (like 30 km/hr too fast) and if they wanted to play hard ball they could have done all the standard teasing stuff (checking tire profile, fire extinguisher, medical supplies, etc). So in retrospect, and in all sincerity, I must conclude that they were nice guys. I will never speed again (there).
Half an hour later we're cruising through Germany. I will admit that I was caught up in my thoughts a bit and I was not paying as much attention as I should have, when a car pressed itself before me to catch the highway exit. It felt a bit as if I was violated, raped, since it all happened so fast, unexpected, and brutal (title reference ;) ). I flashed him. I flashed that son of a b*tch. I flashed the hell out of him. Hell has no fury as how I was flashing my fingers off (flashing being flickering with my headlights (the car's headlights, you pervert!), not giving him the finger (I would never do that; I'm a nice guy. I never use my horn either)). Dawn came, the dust settled, and lo and behold, yes, it was a police car. The curtain fell, the show was over. Jay-Z couldn't have said it better: I got a lot of problems. But in the end nothing happened. Or did it? Or was it all a dream? I really like the movie Super Troopers.

Park Krajobrazowy Orlich Gniazd

Somewhere in the middle-South of Poland, in the green triangle around Myszkow, lies the Park Krajobrazowy Orlich Gniazd ("Eagles' Nests Landscape"). This landscape is mostly dominated by limestone rocks as might best be explained with a picture:

Surroundings of Myszkow

This picture was taken in the neighbourhood of Olsztyn (or better yet, some people had these rocks as their back yard). Picture taken on 23 December 2015.

Well, the first goal that I wanted to accomplish was to visit the world renown Zamek Ogrodzieniec (Zamek is polish for "castle" and Ogrodzieniec is the name of a nearby town). Last year I bought a book that describes all the wonders and miracles of Poland. This castle has been lingering in my mind ever since, so when the chance arrived, I grabbed it with both hands. While normally things happening to you in real life are never what you expected them to be, we had a really fun day in that area. The castle itself looks nice and the surroundings offer great views and a lot of surprises. Because it was closed and we could not enter the castle, we just walked around it. The castle itself was build from these white, lime stones (as you could see in the pictures), and a lot of these rocks still remain (in summer you can even climb them and it looked very touristy), making it a very entertaining place to hike.

Zamek Ogrodzieniec

The castle of Zamek Ogrodzieniec. Word on the street is that when the sun shines really bright, the stones turn very white. Picture taken on 22 December 2015.

The hotel we booked was in Myszkow, the town itself was a dump. Nothing seemed to be going on except at the Italian restaurant and the bowling-alley (I won!!!). After a good night's rest we resumed our short trip by going a bit to the North where I saw some other hills on google maps. They were luckily still there and we walked around them a little bit, but the magic was gone; it started to look all the same. At a certain moment in time my limestone-rock-tolerance-meter was full. Our last stop brought us past a very scenic roundabout at the edge of Olstzyn with the "Zamek w Olsztynie" as its background.

Zamek w Olsztynie

The roundabout at the city limit of Olstzyn. On the background you can find the Zamek w Olsztynie on the left and a simple church on the right (this one has no reviews yet on google). On the center island is a large rock, a silent representative of what this area is all about. Picture taken on 23 December 2015.

It was freaking cold on this day and the wind only made it worse. I was already taking a lot of pictures in the hills (like a true Japanese) and when I came to this roundabout I had already begun to loose the feeling in several extremities of my body. Thank God I bought some nice, warm boxer shorts earlier. I love them!


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