As I unfortunatley, but quite understandaby, can be at only one place at a time, and because that place is most often here and not there, there is only so much I can handle myself. Thankfully, there is already a bunch of people dedicated to the overall cause; photographing as many special roundabouts as possible. Now, please don't misunderstand; it's not about quantity; it's all about quality. Those roundabouts have to be special; they can (for example) be beautiful because there is something nice on the central island, they can be special because of the way they are constructed (I still need to see a roundabout with rumble-strips), or there is a memorable story behind it. For instance, everytime I go on a holiday or travel somewhere for whatever reason, I try to take a picture of a roundabout that appeals me to me. It makes a very satisfying souvenir (of course it's not as a good as a local music CD).

Anyway, people have been traveling since they discovered they could walk. That's why, at least at this moment, we have already collected an impressive (no emphasis necessary) variety of photographs from all over the world. I can imagine that, after seeing all this beauty, you are itching to contribute to the cause. And this is your lucky day, because you can. Simply e-mail a picture of your roundabout, together with the story behind it and it's location to me. The address is a combination of the word info, followed by a monkeytail (I guess you won't call it a monkeytail in english, so this will only make me look stupid), in turn followed by the webaddress of this site. It's all very easy and straightforward. You might even win a t-shirt, or not; who knows? You won't!

Now let's get on with it. Below you will find a map of the world with all the countries from which I got submissions (to my own shame, I must admit that I had to look up where exactly Iran is.). At this moment we are already covering Europe (including Russia), the middle east, Asia and Australia and of course I'm hoping to expand even further.

Map of world

Map of the world with all submissions as far as we know.

Simply select the region where to go (I think it doesn't make sense to make a special page for just one country, but this will depend on the number of pictures, etc) by clicking on the corresponding region in the column to the left. If a country has both submissions and "real", "original" pictures, there's a special section for submissions for that specific country. I tried to do a fancy clickerdy-click thingy for the map above, but I will just burry myself under a heap of unnecessary code. Maybe one day...

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