Yamaha Diverson JX600S

My very first motorbike that I drove was the Yamaha Diversion J600S. It was even the very first motorized vehicle I drove legally, as I got my drivers license for the motorcycle before the car. During my lessons I was riding on this bike and after I got my license I decided to get the same bike. My train of thought back then was that as this was to be my first real vehicle, and since I was quite inexperienced, it would make sense to buy a motorcycle that I already knew and trusted. From that point of view it was a good decision. It's an easy bike, light, and very reliable. I think I bought it somewhere in 2006 and it faithfully served untill the end of 2013 (I think it was), when I decided to put her down; she was getting too old (the building year was 1993 and in the end there was more than 90.000km on the thingy), had a seized cylinder, and suddenly didn't want to start anymore. I unfortunately had no time or posibillity to investigate these ailments, and mostly because the bike wasn't worth that much anymore, so there was only one option left. In hindsight, I wished I hadn't bought this bike at all, because it is simply too small for me. I'm nearly two meters long and this bike is more for women (underpowered ;)) and small, old people. One hour on the highway wasn't that bad, but to take it on a vacation was simply too much. This all became appearent when I purchased the Honda Transalp.

The activities I undertook with this bike were limited to small trips to Germany and for commuting to and from university, my parents, work, etc. I had it decked out with a home made baggage rack in the back (this was a bbq grill welded to a home made simple frame), nice looking second-hand bags on the sides, bars-that-protect-the-engine-when-you-fall, and handguards against the cold (originally for dirt bikes).

Honda Transalp

My Diversion at the "cathedral" in Radio Kootwijk, the Netherlands, 22 September 2013.

Honda Transalp XL600V

So after having driven around on the Diversion, I new it was time for something better, something that complimented my length (instead of making me uncomfortable). I was still a student, so my budget was limited and for me it was more a choice between the Yamaha TDM, the Honda Transalp, or the Honda African Twin (has slightly more power than the Transalp, but is for the rest the same (in my opinion)). By just looking on the second-hand market I stumbled upon my baby. I think I bought it in 2008 and I still use it. In the mean time it has seen parts and bits of Germany, France, Belgium, Luxembourg, Denmark and Sweden (in short: it has been around). In particular, I did emjoy taking it to France. I just threw on my two aluminium suite cases (filled with some food, clothes and cooking utensils), a tent, sleeping stuff, and a foldable chair (because you do need some comfort when you're camping), and drove around there making my way as I went.

The handling is excellent and the acceleration is ok (it doesn't have that much power, but it is fairly light). It does somewhat suite my size, but after a while I do feel pain in my shoulders. Maybe I need to raise the steering bar a bit. Or I should buy a KTM 900 Adventure or BMW 1050GS...

Honda Transalp

Here is my beloved Honda Transalp as I took it through Denmark in October 2013. I upgraded it with two aluminium cases, that are very useful during vacations.

Skoda Fabia Combi 1.2 Greenline

Caring about the environment is very important, especially if we want to give this world to our children. That's why I bought a nice Volkswagen diesel. That's also the reason I just got a letter saying that my engine belongs to the group of engines Volkswagen cheated the emission tests with. But I quite enjoy this vehicle.

Skoda Fabia

Our car and cat, 26 December 2014.

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